Oral HGH

Most oral forms of human growth hormone are delivered as spray, pills or powders. While some of these oral products contain human growth hormone, most actually do not even contain any form of human growth hormone or even the molecularly modified variation of human growth hormone. The ones that do contain human growth hormone usually in very low dosage and mix with other substanace, claiming the combination makes it oral-absorbable. This is highly questionable.

In reality, a regular human growth hormone molecule is so large that it normally must be injected directly into your vein. The claim these oral products make has no scientific evidence. Some brands of human growth hormone spray contend that they use alcohol or MSM as a delivery system. The concensus of medical experts is that no amount of alcohol, MSM or similar derivatives, can work as a carrier of human growth hormone into the body. Some users might experience positive result from using oral human growth hormone which most probably comes from placebo effect from the individuals.

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The pharmaceutical companies are working on creating an oral form of human growth hormone, and there may be a breakthrough someday. But so far, it hasn't happened yet. Such effort is primarily being focused on creating an alternative to insulin injections for diabetics. But because of the molecular similarities between insulin and human growth hormone, if they can make insulin deliverable in an oral form, they should be able to do the same for human growth hormone.