Naturally increase HGH

The natural way to increase human growth hormone supply in your body is by adjusting various aspects of your lifestyle accordingly to prime your system to maximize human growth hormone production. Adopting the natural approach is the safest way to boost human growth hormone without any side-effects.

HGH is naturally produced in your body and its secretion can be optimized with a number of natural stimuli. The most powerful factors that can optimize human growth hormone secretion are from diet, level of exercise and sleeping pattern.


As far as diet is concerned you should avoid food with high carbohydrate content. Consuming food that is high in carbohydrate would induce hyperglycaemia (elevated blood carbohydrate) which tends to switch off human growth hormone secretion.

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Because during hyperglycaemia, insulin, a polypeptide hormone, would be massively produced to regulates carbohydrate metabolism. As insulin and IGF-1 counterbalances one another, IGF-1 production gets driven into the basement for about 2 hours.

On the same token, avoid snacking or having an soda pop in between meals, as the digestion of your meal is over the insulin level goes back to normal you would like to prolong the time of IGF-1 production as long as possible. Do not suppress it with another dose of carbohydrate to drive insulin up again. Only have moderate amount of carbohydrates during your main meals, and not in between. Food with high fat content has also been found to reduce human growth hormone secretion.

Level of Exercise

The fact that exercise acts as a major stimulus for the natural secretion of human growth hormone is well known, but there is still little evidence to suggest how this might happen. Various researchers have suggested that it could be triggered by exercise-induced increases in adrenaline, nitric oxide, blood lactate, acidity or nerve activity, either individually or together. Research has shown that to achieve an elevation of human growth hormone above baseline you need to spend at least 10 minutes exercising at above lactate threshold intensity. This results in the biggest volume of human growth hormone secreted in response to a single exercise bout, with levels of the hormone declining gradually over a period of an hour. It is also known that multiple daily sessions can give rise to optimal human growth hormone secretion over a 24-hour period.

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One study investigating the effects of three exercise sessions a day with either 1.5 or three-hour recovery periods between them found that the longer recoveries led to the greatest volume of 24-hour HGH) secretion. Another showed an even larger human growth hormone peak in response to sprints on an exercise bike. It is also important to drink plenty of water during exercise, as dehydration has been shown to significantly reduce the exercise-induced human growth hormone response.

Sleeping Pattern

Since the largest human growth hormone surge in a normal day tends to occur around one hour after the onset of night-time sleep, it is vital for athletes to get plenty of it. If the quality of sleep is inadequate there will be a reduction in the volume of human growth hormone secreted, with negative consequences for health and fitness. Important preconditions for good quality sleep and optimal human growth hormone secretion during sleep include a dark room and a balanced diet containing adequate protein. Of course, an adequate quantity of sleep is also required for good health generally, and for most people this means around eight hours.